The best results are achieved by working with nature rather than fighting against it.


Our philosophy is simple–we work with you to make the landscape of your dreams real while simultaneously benefiting the environment by increasing biodiversity through the skillful use of plants that please your senses, thrive in our challenging climate and provide food and shelter for living creatures of all kinds.  

The Consultation

First we speak with you and visit your property to gain a deep understanding of your desires, the realities of your existing site conditions including topography, soil conditions, site hydrology, microclimate and existing landscape features.

The Design

Then we provide you with design options that realistically fulfill your vision, while working with what you have.  We are equally adept at creating naturalized landscapes, informal “cottage gardens”, traditional and contemporary landscapes.

A Year-Round Approach

We give as much attention to how your landscape will look in late fall, winter and very early spring as we do to how it will look in the other three seasons. This is critical because you will experience your “winter” garden for about half the year here in the Catskills and your garden must please your senses 12 months of the year. We also design in the 4th dimension–time. So that you will be as pleased with your landscape in the first few years as you will be in 5 years, 10 years 20 years and more.

Pruning and Editing

Selective pruning and relocation of existing plants can immediately transform your landscape.

We have unique expertise at “editing” what you may already have: working with existing trees and shrubs to achieve immediate transformation simply by pruning with an eye to reveal the beautiful “architecture” of your existing trees and shrubs. Often this alone can dramatically change your landscape–instantly.  Instant results can also be achieved simply by transplanting over-crowded or hidden perennials to locations where they will thrive and can be properly enjoyed.

Native Plants

We are strong advocates of the use of native plants in your landscape and are exceptionally experienced at integrating them seamlessly into your landscape design along with your favorite types of plants.  We also advocate an organic approach to design–resulting in easier maintenance while benefiting our environment.

Rethinking Your Lawn

We advocate approaching “lawn” areas in a way that enables the grasses and herbaceous plants best suited for your site (they are probably there already) that can be maintained by mowing and look lush and green all season without the use of fertilizer or herbicides that can endanger your family’s health as well as degrade your water supply and the environment. Further, selective mowing can be employed in some to enable the wildflowers already present to bloom for your enjoyment and the benefit of insect pollinators. Once they are done blooming, these spring/early summer wildflower meadow areas are then cut and function as normal lawn for the rest of the season.  

Whatever the style, your landscape is part of “nature” and the best results are achieved by working with nature rather than fighting against it.